Musica For You

  1. Iğdırın Al Alması - Beril Güzel


  2. DUSK: What are the Chances (Original Version) [Official + Lyrics] (by soundofeverything)

    a m a z i n g 

  3. Monika - Yes I Do (by dimitrisAEKARA)

  4. Brett Anderson - The Empress (by MrPzhamz)

  5. Goran Bregović - Lullaby (by JLblogsJL)

  6. taken by trees to lose someone (by sternberga)

  7. diyez-deactivated20120226 said: thanks mari

    oh my dear diyez…

    music…this great love of ours… :)

  8. Armand Amar - Iranna (by SeishiroSakura)

  9. 'Caught a Long Wind' by Feist (by cbcradio3)

  10. 'Soft Place to Land' by Kathleen Edwards (by cbcradio3)

  11. Saltillo - A Necessary End (by untune)

  12. RENDEZ-VOUS: Sarah Slean & Jorane (by CBCMONTREAL)

    Sarah Slean is one of my favorite singers/musicians…Jorane on the other hand, was unkown to me…so thanks natureismygod ;)

  13. Chabi Majnoun - Maryam Chemirani (by Aylinaki)

  14. Signe Tollefsen - You Are My Sunshine (by richy279)

  15. Sóley - I’ll Drown (by Oskjuvatn)

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