Musica For You

  1. Portland Cello Project - Under Glass (Feat. Musee Mecanique)


  2. soundfall said: i'm lost in your blog. they are all wonderfull, thank you..

    oh, thank you :)

    I can say the exact same thing about your blog, too :)

  3. eliyahu sills & qadim near east - durme durme


  4. Nisos - Piji (turkish greek song)


  5. The Cinematic Orchestra - theme song - The arrival of the Birds


  6. Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues Music Video (by SirFredPaull)

  7. Fantastic Music - Incredible Setting (Gioconda’s Smile On the Rooftops of Santorini) (by 1964Byron)

    *Manos Hadjidakis*

  8. Bon Iver - Holocene (Official Music Video) (by boniver)

  9. Stateless ‘I’m On Fire’ feat. Shara Worden (Official Video)


  10. Daughter - Run


  11. Kyla La Grange- I Could BeĀ 


  12. Closer - Kings of Leon


  13. Monika - Over the hill (official video clip) (by archangelmusic)

    late…it’s too late…

    but I m here…

  14. I Will Lay You Down - Lanterns on the Lake


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